Closer Classes

Masterclass Sales Training

Closer Classes

Masterclass Sales Training


Faith-Driven Empowerment Pathways

Unlocking Potential, Nurturing Growth, and Building the Belief to Achieve

Group Sessions

Enter The Mastermind

Group training sessions are a mastermind synergy, where collective insights multiply, fostering innovation. It's about shared wisdom leading to enriched solutions, aligning with your customer's belief to buy.


    Individual Coaching

    Personalized Guidance, Targeted Growth

    Individual coaching offers personalized guidance tailored to your unique needs. Unlock targeted growth and potential with one-on-one attention, aligning your sales approach with proven values and empathetic understanding.


    Life Coaching

    Embrace Abundance, Live God’s Promise.

    Empowering individuals to accept God’s boundless generosity and abundance, fostering personal and financial success through faith and service.


    A Man With An Obsession


    A Man With An Obsession

    Glen Pavlovich's journey in the sales world is marked by growth, resilience, and a deep commitment to helping others develop their skills. Starting his career with the common misconception that sales and relationship building were talents one had to be born with, Glen soon recognized that these were skills not everyone was comfortable with, but that they could indeed be learned and cultivated. Emphasizing faith, service, and connection, his personal experiences give him unique insights to guide others empathetically through their sales challenges.

    Glen's dedication to nurturing skills has resulted in a transformative approach to sales. Through free workshops, group sessions, individual coaching, life coaching, books, and speaking events, he helps people build genuine connections, guided by faith and a service-oriented mindset. His guiding principle, "The customer is ready to buy. He needs you to help him believe," embodies his belief that sales is not just about transactions but about trust, empathy, and empowerment.


    Our Philosophy

    Belief as the Foundation

    Embrace belief in your industry, your product or service, and yourself, as outlined in the Triad of Belief.

    Sales as Service

    Approach sales with the mindset of serving others, reflecting the principles of the IDEAS Sales System.

    Authenticity and Integrity

    Maintain authenticity in your relationships and integrity in your product or service, learning from the example of Jesus as the best salesperson.

    Connection and Understanding

    Focus on building meaningful relationships, practicing active listening, and understanding others deeply.

    Life Alignment

    Align your work and life with higher principles and beliefs, committing to a life of service and fulfillment.


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    Mission Statement

    At Closer Classes, LLC, our mission is to inspire and guide people from all walks of life to believe in themselves, their goals, and something greater. We teach, coach, and encourage them using our unique methods.

    • Belief drives action in all areas of life, not just sales.

    Anyone can learn these skills if they believe in themselves, their purpose, and have faith in a higher calling.

    Every person has a role in the world, guided by their beliefs and values.

    Closer Classes, LLC will help with workshops, group sessions, one-on-one coaching, and life coaching, meeting you where you are and helping you grow, whether you’re in sales or any other field, and we think it’s important to respect and understand others, guided by a sense of right and wrong that comes from believing in something greater.

    Through workshops, podcasts, vlogs, blogs, on-demand lessons, and video conferencing, we will meet our learners
    where they are in both the physical sense and skill level.

    Everything we teach comes down to this simple idea:

    “The customer is ready to buy. He needs you to help him believe.”

    And this concept extends beyond sales; it’s about believing in yourself and others, and helping them believe too.

    Closer Classes, LLC


    Free Development Sessions



    4:30PM - 5:00PM

    Observations, Questions & Objections

    Join October's "The Art of the Close" Masterclass! Navigate the nuances between prospects' observations, questions, and objections. Sidestep pitfalls, address real concerns, and refine your sales approach. Seal deals with finesse!



    6:30PM - 7:00PM

    Price Objections

    This November, explore "Decoding Price: The Enigma of Buying Motives." Gain insights into purchasing drivers and receive an exclusive tool showcasing why prospects should choose you. Transform your sales approach!



    5:00PM - 5:30PM

    New Year, Clear Vision

    Jump into December with "New Year, Clear Vision: Goal Setting For 2024." Harness the power of our exclusive online goal planner and elevate your ambitions for the year ahead!



    5:00PM - 5:30PM

    Forecasting Mastery: Charting 2024 with Precision

    Join our January online workshop to explore the nuances between goal-setting and forecasting. Equip yourself with our exclusive 2024 forecasting toolkit and pave the way for a standout year ahead!


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    There are three types of salespeople: Order Takers, Presenters, and Closers. Order Takers process sales without initiating or enticing the sale. Presenters are knowledgeable, confident, and rely on their product understanding to excite prospects. Closers understand the sales process, build Total Mental Ownership, recognize buying signals, and effectively control the sale. Closers are most successful due to their comprehensive approach to understanding and assisting prospects.

    Jesus’ Profound Offering: The Gift of Salvation and Its Connection to Sales

    This article explores the connection between Jesus’ teachings on salvation and the principles of sales. It offers insights and practical applications, drawing from spiritual values to enhance sales practices.

    From Fisherman to Fisher of Men: Adapting Sales Through Jesus’ Approach

    The art of selling is as old as human history, but few masters of this craft stand out as profoundly as Jesus. In my exploration of the world of sales and the lessons that can be gleaned from it, my book, The Master Salesman: Jesus and the Art of Service, dives into...

    The Collaborative Power of Peer Review: Tapping Into Timeless Wisdom

    In the intricate dance of sales, success often boils down to understanding and serving the customer. One key component of this is the evaluation stage, where we take a deep dive into the customer's needs and aspirations. Yet, no matter how skilled a salesperson might...

    Adjusting Your Sails: The Significance of an After-Plan in Sales Success

    Emphasizing the importance of having an “After-Plan,” the article explores the challenges of maintaining success or coping with near misses in business. Using 3M’s pivot from mining to product innovation as an example, it underscores the need for adaptability and preparing for outcomes, both anticipated and unexpected, in one’s journey.

    Article Title: The Transformative Power of Belief: A Sales Odyssey Rooted in Jesus’ Teachings

    Sales is not just a transaction; it's a relationship built on a foundation of belief, trust, and mutual understanding. It's an opportunity to create profound connections that surpass the mere exchange of products or services for money. Such an approach towards sales...

    The Power of Commitment and Choice: Drawing Inspiration from Jesus in Modern Sales

    Have you ever considered the parallels between Jesus' approach to spreading His message and the art of sales? The source of inspiration for successful sales isn't always found in traditional sales books or seminars. Sometimes, it’s found in unlikely places, like the...

    Mastering the Art of Price Objection Handling: Tips for Sales Success

    Discover how to confidently address and overcome price objections in sales. From understanding the real concerns behind price pushbacks to emphasizing value over cost, our latest guide provides actionable strategies for sales professionals eager to seal the deal. Navigate price concerns with finesse and boost your close rate today!