The Orphan Strategy: Finding Hidden Opportunities – Unveils techniques to reconnect with orphan owners and convert them.

The art of sales isn’t just about pushing products to the masses but also about finding hidden opportunities and connecting with those who seem unreachable. In my book, “The Master Salesman: Jesus and the Art of Service”, I explore the philosophy of sales as service. In this article, I wish to introduce you to the concept of the “Orphan Strategy,” which stems from my book’s teachings and can become an integral part of your sales arsenal.

Understanding Orphan Owners

Orphan owners refer to clients who were once served by a company but have been abandoned or neglected for various reasons. They might have lost their original sales representative or simply fallen off the radar.

Reaching Out to Orphan Owners

Reconnecting with these orphan owners is more than just a sales opportunity; it’s a chance to serve. Here’s how you can apply principles from my book and discover new ideas to reconnect:

1. Research and Identify

Start by identifying orphan owners within your database or industry. Understanding their history and previous interactions with your organization is essential.

2. Embrace the IDEAS Sales System

The IDEAS Sales System offers a perfect pathway to re-engage with orphan owners:

  • INTRODUCING: Make a new, intentional introduction, recognizing their past relationship with your company.
  • DISCOVERING: Apply extreme active listening to understand their current needs and expectations.
  • EVALUATING: Take time to really grasp what they are saying.
  • ADAPTING: Tailor your presentation so it’s valuable to them.
  • SERVING: Remember, selling is serving. Help them, don’t just sell to them.

3. Leverage the Triad of Belief

Using the Triad of Belief, convey your belief in your industry, your product, and yourself to them. This belief transfer can be transformative.

The Principles of Service

Jesus’ teachings emphasize compassion and understanding. Luke 15:4-5 says, “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders.” Apply this to your orphan strategy. Seek out those who have been lost and joyfully reconnect with them.

The Impact on Business

This approach not only drives sales but builds brand loyalty. It shows customers that they’re not just numbers but valued members of a community.


The orphan strategy is about recognizing hidden opportunities and applying the principles of service, belief, and connection to bring them into the fold. If this resonates with you, you might find more insights in my book, “The Master Salesman: Jesus and the Art of Service.”

Should you wish to delve deeper and apply these concepts in a personalized manner, I encourage you to explore one-on-one Training, Coaching, and Life Coaching at Closer Classes.

The customer is ready to buy. He needs you to help him believe.

The article unveils the “Orphan Strategy” for reconnecting with forgotten or neglected clients. By understanding these orphan owners and applying principles from the IDEAS Sales System and the teachings of Jesus, businesses can find hidden opportunities. This approach emphasizes compassion and builds brand loyalty, reflecting the philosophy of sales as service.

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