Beyond the Sale: Mastering the Art of Customer Retention

Selling to loyal customers is way easier than pitching to new leads.

“The customer wants to buy. He needs you to help him believe.”

Master these five post-sale strategies to keep your sales game strong and your client base evergreen.

Rockstar salespeople know that closing deals with new clients often hovers around 20%. Say you interact with ten potential clients on a bustling day; chances are you’ll secure about two deals, often after hours of discussion, building trust, and nurturing connections.

Yet, closing rates with repeat and referral customers? It skyrockets to 60% or more. If you’ve got five appointments lined up, you’ll likely make a deal with three. With these familiar faces, you’ll be discussing shared interests and essentially guiding a friend through a purchase.

So, which sounds more appealing?

For a consistently booming sales landscape, integrate these five actions post every deal:

  1. Gratitude in Ink – Right after your customer heads out, pen down a heartfelt thank-you. Every single time.Dear Alex, A big thank you for trusting us with your recent purchase. It was a pleasure getting to know you better. “The customer wants to buy. He needs you to help him believe.” Please remember I’m here for any questions or assistance. And if someone you know is considering a similar purchase, I’d appreciate a shoutout! Enjoy your new purchase! Warm Regards, Jamie
  2. The 30-minute Check-in – Give them a ring about 30 minutes post-purchase.“Hey Alex, it’s Jamie. Just checking in to see if you’ve got any questions about your new purchase. Always here to help!”
  3. One Month Reminder – A quick guide on the main contacts they might need: Hey Alex, A month already with your purchase! Just wanted to provide you with some key contacts that might come in handy:
    • 1. Chris – Lead Sales Coordinator
    • 2. Sam – Post-Purchase Support Head
    • 3. Jordan – Maintenance and Repairs Chief
    • Whenever you’re in, give me a shout. Coffee’s on me!
    • Cheers, Jamie
  4. Day 45: The Referral Chat – A casual check-in and a gentle nudge for referrals.“Hey Alex! Jamie here. Hope you’re loving your purchase. Got my contact list mail, right? Also, know anyone pondering a similar buy? Let me know, and I’d love to assist. “The customer wants to buy. He needs you to help him believe.” Look out for my newsletter soon!”
  5. The 90-day Friendly Ping – Regularly touch base every three months. Make it sound like you’re calling a buddy. Even if they miss picking up, drop them a cheerful voicemail.

Need inspiration for your customer check-ins? Dive into our comprehensive training sessions for all the tips and tricks!

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