The 5 Things You Need To Start Doing After The Sale

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It’s well established that selling to repeat customers is significantly easier than selling to a fresh up or internet lead.  

Doing these five things after every sale will help fill your sales pipeline forever.

If you’re an outstanding salesperson, your overall closing ratio is probably around 20%. If you greet ten fresh ups on the lot on Saturday, you can expect to sell about two cars, spend all eight hours fighting an uphill battle of selling on price, trying to earn the customer’s trust, attempting to build relationships and 

The closing ratio on repeat and referral customers is 60% or higher. If you set 5 appointments on Saturday, you can expect to sell three cars, and because these customers know you and like you, you will spend your time with them chatting about the things you have in common and helping your friend buy a car.

Which would you prefer to do?  

To increase your repeat and referral business, here are five things you need to start doing right now after each sale. 

The instant your customer drives away, write them a thank you note. Every. Single. Customer.

Dear Jim,

 I just wanted to thank you again for your confidence and your business. I really enjoyed meeting you and Gayle.  

If I can do anything else for you, or answer any questions, remember I’m always here for you. My cellphone number is: 

Do me a favor? If you ever hear anyone talking about getting a new or used car, will you give them my name and number? I’d sure appreciate it.

Enjoy your new car on the trip up north this weekend,

Talk to you soon


Call every customer 30 minutes after they’ve left the dealership.

Hi Gayle,

It’s Glen down at the dealership. You’ve had a few minutes to get comfortable with your new car, and most of the time, folks end up having a few extra questions after they leave. So, I just wanted to give you a quick call to see if anything new has come to mind that I can help with.

30-Day Who’s Who Letter

Hi Jim & Gayle,

It’s been about a month since you drove away in your new car, and I wanted to write you a note giving you the names and phone numbers of key people here at the dealership that you may need while you own your car.

1. Bill Smith is my sales manager.  

2. Fred Anderson is the Service Department Manager.  

3. Tim Michaels is the Body Shop Manager

Both our service department and body shop have a limited number of loaner cars available. When you schedule a service appointment, mention that you purchased your car from me and that you’d like a loaner car if there is one is available.

Our service department is open Monday – Friday from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm.

Stop by when you’re here for service! I’ll buy you a cup of coffee!


45-day referral phone call

Hi Gayle,

It’s Glen at the dealership. How’s the new car? Glad to hear! Did you get my letter with the list of dealership contacts? If you run into any trouble or need something special, give me a call, and I’ll do my best to help out. You’re welcome.

I’m wondering if since you bought your car, you’ve come across anybody who might have given you the impression that they’d be in the market themselves soon?

Can I mention your name when I call them?

I sure appreciate it. Talk to you guys soon. I’ll be sending out my newsletter next month; keep a look-out for it!

90 Day Recurring Contact

Call and/or mail every customer every 90 days. The customer needs to hear your voice every 90 days. If you get their voicemail, leave a message. Always sound happy. Always sound like you’re leaving a message for your friend. Always make the phone calls. Even if the customer never calls you back.  

Need some ideas about what to talk about every 90 days? We cover this in great detail during our training programs.

If I can help in any way, let me know.

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