Saying This One Thing Will Double Your Sales

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Every salesperson is looking for the magic words to say to put a magic spell over their prospect that makes them pull out their credit card and buy what you’re selling.

Unfortunately, there’s no practical way to take shortcuts and still be an effective salesperson. The only reason your prospect will buy from you is if they can see the value in what you sell. That is the fundamental truth of sales.

The only time magic words are persuasive is when they help you guide your customer through the sales process. The one word to start using immediately is this:


It seems simple enough, doesn’t it?

Asking a customer an or question limits their answers to one of the two options you will provide. Here are some examples in various sales situations:

  • Did you want coffee with your after-dinner dessert or something a little stronger? The question isn’t whether the diner will have desert; the question is what they want with their desert. If you’re a server, use this question before dismissing your guests, and you’ll see an immediate increase in your overall check totals.
  • Were you thinking of replacing your current car or adding to the fleet? The question isn’t whether or not the customer is there to buy a car; the question is whether or not they are trading. Ask this question when you greet a customer, and you’ll find overcoming the “I’m just looking” objection much easier.
  • Will you be upgrading the computer system in just this department, or will the whole building be getting an upgrade? The question isn’t whether or not they’re upgrading, but the extent of the upgrade.
  • Were you thinking about training three days per week or just two? The question isn’t whether or not the client is purchasing training, but how often they will see you.

It’s not magic or sorcery, but it is the power of suggestion.

  • Will you be cleaning your room before dinner or right after? The question isn’t if the room is getting, but which of these two choices is the child’s preference.
  • Would you prefer to help me get boxes down from the attic on Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon?

Mastering the or question is your ticket to increasing sales.

If you can also master either/or open-ended and expansion questions, you’re on your way to becoming a master closer.

Spend time thinking about what you want your prospects to do. Are you there to be an unpaid consultant or a sales professional. Are you there to bus tables or to earn tips? Are you there to be a tour guide or sell memberships? Are you there to kill time or earn a living?

(All or questions, by the way)

Now, tell me more about how you chose this career?

(That’s an expansion question)

Email me or comment below with your story about how you got into sales or why you’re considering a career in the oldest profession (Sales is the oldest profession).

Until next time.

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