Sales Person Fast-Start MasterClass

Getting a new salesperson up to speed and earning good money in the car business starts right here.


Why Do New Salespeople Struggle

(and usually fail?)

  • They receive no real-world training
  • They literally don’t know what to do to help the customer buy a car!
  • They suffer from call reluctance
  • They don’t see the opportunity
  • Worst of all, the 6-car-guys get in their head and discourage them

Train New Salespeople Before They Develop Bad Habits

This MasterClass Will Launch September 1, 2022








In This MasterClass You’ll learn

Earning Potential

  • What can a car salesperson really make in their first year?  Their second year?  Their third year?
  • What kind of lifestyle can you expect in auto sales?
  • What does the salesperson have to do to reach that potential?

The Sales Process

  • You will be a master of our 7-step sales process.  An easy-to-understand roadmap that will give you a high closing ratio.

Build Value

  • Take your presentation beyond features.  Beyond benefits. Learn how to make it personal for this customer.
  • Demonstrate value to each and every customer.

Time Management

  • Learn how to set up your day so you can get the most done.
  • When and what calls to make.
  • When and what emails to send.
  • When and what voicemails to leave.
  • What does it mean to come to work to work?

Talking To Customers

  • What questions to ask.
  • Specific word tracks that you can use to make the sale.
  • What questions to never ask.

Objection Handling

  • How to avoid the single objection that sabotages most sales
  • Learn the tools to easily handle customer objections.


Know where you stand

  • How to be absolutely certain if you have a shopper or a buyer at your desk.
  • You’ll know 100% of the time

Closing The Sale

  • Learn when and how to close the sale.
  • Hint:  Closing starts with the second question you ask.
  • How to get more spot deliveries.

How To Present Numbers

  • What specific words help you encourage your customer to sign.
  • How to use the customer’s name as a closing tool.

Negotiate Without Dropping The Price

  • Non-confrontational ways to negotiate and hold gross.

Internet Leads

  • You’ll be able to download templates you can use today.
  • Learn how to respond.
  • Learn when to respond.
  • What to do if you’re not getting a response.

Learn The Secret To Tracking

  • How to get paid every time you dial the phone.
  • How to get paid every time you send an email.
  • How to get paid every time you talk to a service customer.
  • How to get paid every time you take an up.

Prospecting Calls

  • Downloadable scripts and templates to help you make prospecting calls that won’t make you feel like an idiot.


  • How to ask for referrals and not sound like you’re begging.

Repeat Business

  • How to earn repeat business for a lifetime.


  • A detailed follow-up schedule that builds an overflowing sales pipeline
  • Master Marketing Plan for the Salesperson
  • Text Templates
  • Email Templates
  • Phone Scripts
  • Newsletter Templates
  • Dealership Operations
  • Step by step guide to a Five-Star delivery

$699 (one time charge) for 6 months of access to training materials including:

  • Over 40 instructor led video training modules
  • Downloadable email templates
  • Downloadable text templates
  • Downloadable phone scripts
  • Topical content added as market conditions change