From Interest to Purchase: Engaging Unsold Customers

Unsold Customers: Potential clients who have shown interest but haven’t committed. As we explore this unique category of customers, we are reminded of individuals that Jesus encountered, such as the rich young ruler. People who were curious yet hesitant. The handling of such customers requires a blend of understanding, patience, and gentle persuasion, recognizing their interest and addressing their reservations with clarity and assurance.

Unsold Customers: The Untapped Potential

In sales, as in life, there’s a tendency to focus on what’s new and immediate. The pursuit of new customers can be relentless and often overshadows a hidden gem: the unsold customers. The relationship with these individuals doesn’t end with a ‘no’. If nurtured properly, it can evolve into something beautiful, much like the way Jesus patiently addressed the doubts of the rich young ruler (Mark 10:17-27).

Unsold customers already have a connection with you. They’ve seen what you have to offer and are familiar with your product or service. What’s missing is the final step, and that’s where the art of service comes in.

By employing the IDEAS Sales System, you can turn a seemingly lost cause into a meaningful connection. This process requires INTRODUCING yourself to the prospect’s needs, DISCOVERING what held them back, EVALUATING their hesitations, ADAPTING your approach to suit their concerns, and finally SERVING them with sincerity and integrity.

The Positive Pursuit: Twenty Reasons to Contact Unsold Customers

Reaching out to unsold customers is not just about closing a sale. It’s a journey that reflects the intention to serve, assist, and build relationships. Here are twenty compelling reasons to re-engage with unsold customers:

  • Understanding Their Needs: Tailoring your offerings based on their preferences.
  • Building Relationships: Fostering long-term connections.
  • Providing Value: Offering more than a product.
  • Offering Solutions: Addressing past concerns.
  • Keeping Them Informed: Updating them about relevant features or offers.
  • Gathering Feedback: Learning from their previous objections.
  • Creating Trust: Showcasing your ongoing commitment.

…and many more reasons rooted in the desire to assist and serve, guided by the Triad of Belief.

Unsold but Not Forgotten: Tackling the Reluctance to Re-Engage

Reaching back to unsold customers can be an emotional challenge. The reluctance stems from fear of rejection and the balance between persistence and intrusion. Yet, with a mindset that focuses on service, guided by principles such as the Triad of Belief, this task becomes an opportunity.

By learning from Jesus’ approach of gentle persuasion and genuine understanding, we can re-engage these unsold customers. In the book, The Master Salesman: Jesus and the Art of Service, these principles are further expanded, providing a detailed guide to unlocking the potential of this untapped market.

Why not explore the untapped potential of unsold customers? The customer is out there, showing interest but hesitating. They need you to help them believe. Invest in Training and Coaching at Closer Classes to hone the skills required to engage them effectively. And if you want to delve deeper into the concepts and strategies discussed, consider purchasing the book The Master Salesman: Jesus and the Art of Service.

The customer is ready to buy. He needs you to help him believe.

Summary: This article delves into the untapped potential of unsold customers, those who have shown interest but did not make a purchase. It provides strategies and insights based on principles of understanding, patience, and gentle persuasion, incorporating spiritual insights and practical applications for sales professionals. It offers reasons to re-engage with unsold customers and tactics to overcome reluctance, aiming to transform missed opportunities into lasting connections.

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