Discovering Through Questions: Drawing Inspiration from Jesus

In the intricate dance of sales, one of the most essential movements is the act of discovery. This journey, for many salespeople, is more than a step—it’s an art. Yet, the guidance on mastering this art doesn’t necessarily come from modern sales manuals, but from an ancient source: Jesus Christ. In my book, “The Master Salesman: Jesus and the Art of Service”, I explore how Jesus’ approach to questioning can revolutionize our understanding of the discovery phase in sales.

Throughout biblical accounts, Jesus emerges as a master questioner. His questions, however, aren’t simple information-gathering tools. They’re instruments that foster connection, bring forth revelations, and catalyze transformation. Each of his questions is designed to direct individuals towards truth, enable self-awareness, and deepen their relationship with the divine. Such an approach is remarkably akin to the “Discovery” phase in the IDEAS Sales System.

For sales professionals, discovery is not about just pinpointing customer needs or scouting selling opportunities. It’s a profound engagement on a human level. It’s about truly understanding a customer’s unique challenges, aspirations, and values and then guiding them to solutions that genuinely benefit them. In essence, it’s about crafting questions with pure intentions, establishing trust, and creating meaningful connections—much like Jesus did.

However, the power of questioning has its dual nature. While it can enlighten and uplift, it can also manipulate and deceive. A pertinent example from scripture is Satan’s deceptive question to Eve. Such instances are poignant reminders of the harm that can arise from sinister intentions. Yet, in that same scripture, we also witness the graciousness and understanding of God, who offers connection and forgiveness even when faced with deception.

This duality presents a lesson for salespeople: integrity and empathy are paramount. We’re not merely in the business of selling; we’re in the human business. Thus, we must recognize the profound impact our questions can have and use them responsibly. The Triad of Belief emphasizes the importance of belief in one’s industry, product, and self. If we parallel this to Jesus’ mission:

  • His “Industry” was the Kingdom Of God.
  • His “Product” was Salvation.
  • And his faith in himself, despite being fully human and grappling with human struggles, never wavered.

Jesus’ ultimate mission was to transfer these beliefs to all of humanity. Considering the billions of Christians today, millennia after he introduced his “product”, it’s undeniable: Jesus was the consummate salesperson.

The art of discovery is grander than merely a sales technique. It resonates with our very essence as humans—it’s about connecting, understanding, and the relentless pursuit of a purpose larger than ourselves. It’s about recognizing every individual’s inherent value and approaching them with compassion and respect.

Emulating Jesus, let us become salespeople driven by understanding, asking questions with genuine care and intention, and seeking to positively influence those we engage with. Let us embark on this journey, guided by the wisdom of the ages, with the promise of a future brimming with potential and optimism.

For those eager to delve deeper into these principles and understand the art of service inspired by Jesus, “The Master Salesman: Jesus and the Art of Service” offers invaluable insights. And if you’re keen on enhancing your skills through one-on-one training, coaching, or life coaching, Closer Classes is ready to guide you on your journey.

The customer is ready to buy. He needs you to help him believe.

Article Summary:
The art of discovery in sales is deeply connected to our humanity and the pursuit of greater understanding. Drawing inspiration from Jesus, who used questions as powerful tools for connection, revelation, and transformation, sales professionals can learn to approach their craft with genuine care, intention, and service. Emulating Jesus’ approach can lead to deeper connections with customers and a more fulfilling sales journey.

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