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Masterclass Sales Training

Closer Classes

Masterclass Sales Training


Anyone can learn how to sell.

To make it a career, you need continuous improvements.

Free Video Courses

Free video courses for new salespeople or those looking for basic refreshers.

These videos cover the steps of the sale, addressing and overcoming the most common objections, basic negotiating, and closing the deal.


Advanced Video Courses

Build expert-level skills with four levels of coursework:



Articles, videos, courses, books, and training for beginners and those who want to get back to the basics.


These training modules build professional-level skills for needs assessment, negotiating, closing, and follow-up


These training modules go far beyond the mechanics of the sales process and begin to examine the psychology of the symbiotic relationship between consumer and salesperson.


These courses require a higher level of critical thinking. They prepare you to understand the nuances of persuasion and the buyer's psychology and will require considerable determination to complete.


One On One Coaching

Daily, weekly, or monthly, one-on-one coaching improves your skills, mental strength, and emotional stamina and prevents costly mistakes.


Free Articles

Free articles about everything to do with the sales process, obstacles, objections, questions, and unique situations that may cause you to stumble.


A Man With An Obsession


A Man With An Obsession

Glen’s obsession is the sales process. He finds the greatest satisfaction in coaching and training individuals, teams, and organizations through his coaching business, Closer Classes, LLC.


Our Philosophy

The Recruitment Funnel

Is it a funnel or a meat grinder? Why is turnover in your sales department so high? Poorly trained, undermanaged salespeople enter the business without understanding what it takes to reach managers' income promises, get chewed up emotionally, and then quit.

The Basics

Every salesperson must understand the basics. That's why our free training is a complete course in the basics of sales: so every salesperson knows where to start. 

Bad Sales Experiences

Every bad salesperson and every unfortunate sales experience you've had was because the salesperson stopped learning when they believed they knew the basics.  

Great Sales Experiences

Every great sales experience you've had was because the salesperson was so fluent in human behavior that you believed that they helped you buy the product or service rather than having sold you on it.

Sales People Fail Because Of Their Training

New salespeople, those just starting, are full of anticipation and energy. They have been sold on the career by the assurances made by others. The success of the new salesperson from this point has very little to do with their personality type and has everything to do with the coaching and training they receive.


The Salesperson Career Flowchart

Mission Statement

Our mission at Closer Classes, LLC is to encourage and empower salespeople of all skill levels through sharing, teaching, and coaching.

We believe that there are four indisputable facts regarding salesmanship:

1. Nothing happens until a sale is made.

2. Nobody is a natural-born salesperson.

3. Anyone can learn how to be a salesperson.

4. Because the world’s economy depends on sales, the salesperson is responsible for being the best they can be.

To achieve sales proficiency, one must study, practice, and remain committed to constant improvement. 

Closer Classes, LLC will provide the training, tools, information, and encouragement to equip our learners to improve.

Through workshops, podcasts, vlogs, blogs, on-demand lessons, video conferencing, and in-person sessions, we will meet our learners where they are in both the physical sense and skill level.

All salespeople should respect the customer.

Above all:

We will sell to help.

All of our sales techniques and theories revolve around one singular concept:

“The customer is ready to buy. He needs you to help him believe.”

Closer Classes, LLC


The Next Featured Training



4:30PM - 5:00PM

The October free online workshop will discuss the differences between a prospect's observations, questions, and objections. Many salespeople are trying to overcome objections that don't exist.



6:30PM - 7:00PM

The November free online workshop will talk about price. The most misunderstood of buying motives. Participants will receive a valuable tool to help identify the top reasons your prospect should buy from you.



5:00PM - 5:30PM

The December free online workshop talks about setting goals for the new year, and participants receive access to an online goal-setting tool.



5:00PM - 5:30PM

The January free online workshop will concentrate on projecting results in the coming year. Participants will receive a forecasting toolkit.


The Closer Classes Library

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5 Ways To Ask For The Referral

It feels like begging, doesn’t it?  You just spent an hour or two with this customer, and now you’re about to send them on their way in their new car.  How do you ask for a referral without making it awkward?

2 Closes You Have To Know For Customers Who Just Want To Think About It

Closing is anything you do that moves the sale along the sales process. So, closing a car sale starts with the first question you ask the customer. A question that helps you get beyond "just looking" and into the needs discovery/rapport building part of the...

Car Sales Earning Potential

With few exceptions, car salespeople are paid on commission. Anyone with any amount of time in sales knows this, but if you’re just getting to the business, you may be unfamiliar with the idea of getting paid solely on your success.

Sell Less To Earn More

Sales Skills Help You Earn More Money Initially, most people will assume that I am implying that you will make more sales with more skills, and your income will rise proportionately. That isn't what I mean. I often write about the benefits of mastering a sales...

36 Questions to Build Rapport

It’s a well-established fact that people would prefer to do business with their friends. It should be no surprise to you that part of our sales training is building rapport and making friends.

The best skill a salesperson can have is rapport building. Besides earning you a genuine friend, It makes closing significantly less confrontational.

Car Dealership Glossary

When you get started in a dealership as a new salesperson you’re quickly introduced to words and phrases that are likely very unfamiliar to you. Every industry has jargon, (special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession or group and are difficult for others to understand.) and the dealership is no different.

5 Steps To A 5-Star Delivery

Forget the CSI score. Forget the TO to your manager. A 5-Star delivery will help you sell each customer more cars! These 5 steps will get you there.

What Is The Best Closing Question?

Every salesperson EVER has wondered what the best closing question is. The secret to closing is really no secret at all. Everything you do, say and ask will lead to a sale.

The Order Taker, The Presenter & The Closer

There are three types of salespeople in the auto industry.
The Order Taker
The Presenter
The Closer
Each is important, and most organizations have all three working in different departments throughout the business. While the definition of each may be somewhat self-explanatory, it may be helpful to examine each one a little more closely and how learning to be a closer can help you sell fewer dealer-trades and more inventory vehicles.

5 Biggest Mistakes That Are Costing Your Dealership Money

If I could change only one thing in most dealerships, it would be salespeople’s habit to rush the sales process.

The sales process should accomplish two things:

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