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6 Tips to Overcome Price Objections in Car Sales

6 Tips to Overcome Price Objections in Car Sales When you're in the middle of making a car sale, there are countless reasons why the deal could fall through. Maybe the customer found another price online, perhaps they're just not sure if they can afford it yet, or...

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One Year of Text Follow-up

One Year of Text Follow-up I saw this Facebook post and engaged the author in hopes of giving him a few pointers on customer follow-up, only to be reminded that many car salespeople are poorly trained. Here is the exchange that took place Post by Author: When you text...

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I Got Fired By A Jerk!

This Facebook post in a dealership group got me thinking about what kinds of attitudes salespeople might have toward the ownership or management team. This poster wrote: "So, my fellow car sales people, I got fired this week for as best that could be explained to...

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Take The Next Step - Have A Free One-on-one

  • Approach customers with confidence
  • Know when to ask for the sale
  • Negotiate without being confrontational
  • Ask questions that reveal your customer's true intention!
  • Earn more than you thought possible

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