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Why Improve YOU

I love reading books about the sales profession and topics that contribute to personal growth. Why I read personal growth books. If you are more aware of your personality and personal growth, you can know how to set expectations for yourself and modify your behavior...

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Greed Is Good?

Is greed in sales good? In the film "Wall Street," Gordon Gekko proclaims that "greed is good." Is it? Is answering that with a noncommittal answer of "kind-of" a copout? Let's explore that. Meriam Webster defines greed this way: A selfish and excessive desire for...

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Take The Next Step - Have A Free One-on-one

  • Approach customers with confidence
  • Know when to ask for the sale
  • Negotiate without being confrontational
  • Ask questions that reveal your customer's true intention!
  • Earn more than you thought possible

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