Unconventional Approaches: Making Sales When the Numbers Don’t Add Up

In the world of sales, regardless of the product or service, there are those golden moments where everything you touch turns to sold, and other moments where it feels like you’ve hit a dry spell.

To weather the ebbs and flows, it’s crucial to constantly upgrade your sales techniques and have a variety of strategies in your toolkit. Here are a few gems to consider:

1. Switch the Perspective

This technique is perfect when you’ve formed a strong bond with your customer. Let’s paint the picture: you return to your customer with a proposal or quotation. Instead of sitting across them, why not join them on their side of the table? This move subtly conveys that you’re on their side, not just selling but advising, like a trusted friend.

“Look, here’s how it all breaks down…” Walk them through the details, making it appear as though clarity was the only missing piece. “Just sign here, and we’ll get things moving.”

2. The Triple-Whammy Questions

Ever had a customer who seemed ready to commit, but then suddenly wants “to think about it?” Chances are, they won’t. They’ll either forget or, worse, pick a competitor. If you feel cornered, deploy the Triple-Whammy Questions:

“Given our discussions, there are three primary questions to address. Firstly, does the product or service resonate with you? Secondly, does the price fit within your budget? Since the first two seem sorted, the final question is: When do you want to start benefiting from it? Why not right away?”

3. Playing the ‘Goofball’ Card

Sometimes, you need to present yourself as the ‘silly’ one for the sake of breaking barriers. For instance, when a client is hesitant about the pricing, you could lighten the mood with something like:

“Hey, maybe I’m crazy for suggesting this. I mean it. You guys are going to think this is the craziest thing. Let me be the bad guy! We’re so close to hitting your budget. Can you give me a hand? What if you commit to putting more money down on the loan…say, another 2%. Then, let’s adjust that payment a little closer to what you had in mind, and I’ll run this up the flagpole and see what management says. What do you think? Should I do that? Ok. Put your initials here, and let me see if I can make it happen. Wish me luck!

The essence of closing a sale often starts much earlier than the final pitch or presentation. Even the initial conversations you have with potential customers set the stage for the close. Every question, every discussion is a step toward that pivotal moment.

Having a diverse set of strategies ensures you can navigate various customer personalities and situations. It could spell the difference between sealing the deal or watching a potential sale walk away. Always remember, persistence, and creativity are your allies!

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