Sell Less To Earn More

Sales Skills Help You Earn More Money Initially, most people will assume that I am implying that you will make more sales with more skills, and your income will rise proportionately. That isn’t what I mean. I often write about the benefits of mastering a sales...

The Natural Born Salesperson?

What Is The Ideal Sales Person? The ideal natural-born salesman has certain traits that I think we can all agree on: Gregarious Quick thinking Smooth talking Huge personality An outgoing personality In fact, according to the Dale Carnegie Training of West Virginia,...

Sales Goals Are Completely Worthless

The way most car dealerships set goals for their salespeople has no merit.  First of all, many dealership managers do a horrible job of communicating goals! Dealership management knows how many vehicles need to be sold to generate revenue — Upper management...

Building Value

A prospect decided to make a purchase when he realizes that there is more value in the product than there is in his money.

At its core, that’s your job; demonstrating the value in your product.

Value is the reason people buy.

36 Questions to Build Rapport

It’s a well-established fact that people would prefer to do business with their friends. It should be no surprise to you that part of our sales training is building rapport and making friends.

The best skill a salesperson can have is rapport building. Besides earning you a genuine friend, It makes closing significantly less confrontational.

What A Car Salesperson Can Learn From An Apple Specialist

The first thing most customers want to talk about is price. But it is probably the last thing that matters.!

When I was early in my sales career, I was trained to ask the customer what their budget was.

My manager instructed me to qualify the customer by saying something that completely derailed the sales process.

The 5 Things You Need To Start Doing After The Sale

It’s well established that selling to repeat customers is significantly easier than selling to a fresh up or internet lead.

If you’re an outstanding salesperson, your overall closing ratio is probably around 20%. If you greet ten fresh ups on the lot on Saturday, you can expect to sell about two cars, spend all eight hours fighting an uphill battle of selling on price, trying to earn the customer’s trust, attempting to build relationships and

Doing these five things after every sale will help fill your sales pipeline forever.

5 Steps To A 5-Star Delivery

Forget the CSI score. Forget the TO to your manager. A 5-Star delivery will help you sell each customer more cars! These 5 steps will get you there.

People Want To Do Business With Their Friends

Work hard to make friends, and you won’t have to work very hard to do business with your friends. It’s common knowledge that people would prefer to do business with their friends.  People like having “a guy” or “a girl.” As much as you want to build relationships...

What Is The Best Closing Question?

Every salesperson EVER has wondered what the best closing question is. The secret to closing is really no secret at all. Everything you do, say and ask will lead to a sale.

5 Steps To Contend With The Trusted Advisor

Scenario: You’re trying to help a customer buy a car. Your customer has brought along one or more people who’ve been given the responsibility to provide your customer advice and try to keep you from being a pushy salesperson and talking the customer into...

6 Tips to Overcome Price Objections in Car Sales

6 Tips to Overcome Price Objections in Car Sales When you’re in the middle of making a car sale, there are countless reasons why the deal could fall through. Maybe the customer found another price online, perhaps they’re just not sure if they can afford it...

One Year of Text Follow-up

One Year of Text Follow-up I saw this Facebook post and engaged the author in hopes of giving him a few pointers on customer follow-up, only to be reminded that many car salespeople are poorly trained. Here is the exchange that took place Post by Author: When you text...

I Got Fired By A Jerk!

This Facebook post in a dealership group got me thinking about what kinds of attitudes salespeople might have toward the ownership or management team. This poster wrote: "So, my fellow car sales people, I got fired this week for as best that could be explained to...

The Order Taker, The Presenter & The Closer

There are three types of salespeople in the auto industry.
The Order Taker
The Presenter
The Closer
Each is important, and most organizations have all three working in different departments throughout the business. While the definition of each may be somewhat self-explanatory, it may be helpful to examine each one a little more closely and how learning to be a closer can help you sell fewer dealer-trades and more inventory vehicles.

Can You Ever Know Enough Closes?

n sales of any kind, you will go through a period where everything you do works well and then another period where you feel like you’ve lost the magic.

That’s why it’s essential to be a student of sales and have more than one or two closes in your pocket. Here are a few to store away in your memory.

The Objection Translator

How many objections are there?

In my opinion, there is only one.

When the fluff is stripped away from any objection, what the customer is really saying is: “You haven’t provided enough information to give me a reason to buy from you.”

5 Ways To Ask For The Referral

It feels like begging, doesn’t it?  You just spent an hour or two with this customer, and now you’re about to send them on their way in their new car.  How do you ask for a referral without making it awkward?

Can You Read Your Customer’s Mind?

Let’s be upfront about this: If not done well, negotiating is confrontational and uncomfortable for both you and your customer.  The most important thing to understand about negotiating is with whom you can negotiate and when

10 Ways To Close The Sale

Many salespeople, even experienced ones, think of closing as a set of words that happen after you’ve presented the price and you want to get your prospect to say “Yes, I’ll take it!” and sign on the proverbial dotted line. That is flawed thinking.

Car Sales Earning Potential

With few exceptions, car salespeople are paid on commission. Anyone with any amount of time in sales knows this, but if you’re just getting to the business, you may be unfamiliar with the idea of getting paid solely on your success.

Car Dealership Glossary

When you get started in a dealership as a new salesperson you’re quickly introduced to words and phrases that are likely very unfamiliar to you. Every industry has jargon, (special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession or group and are difficult for others to understand.) and the dealership is no different.