Unlocking Sales Success: Where to Find New Customers

The Power of Sales: An Economic Engine

Thomas Watson from IBM’s early leadership team once stated, “Nothing happens until a sale is made.” As a sales professional, you play a pivotal role in propelling the global economy forward. The world relies on your skills to connect products and services with the right people.

Traditional Sales Prospecting Methods:

Every sales professional is familiar with the typical avenues for finding new leads. Let’s revisit them for clarity:

  1. Friends and family
  2. Customers you’ve previously sold to
  3. Those you couldn’t close deals with previously
  4. Referrals from existing customers
  5. Competitor’s customers
  6. Businesses and people you currently transact with
  7. Orphan customers

These are essential starting points. But, as an experienced sales coach, I believe in pushing boundaries.

Five Unconventional Avenues for Finding New Customers:

  1. Business and Training Books:
    Dive deep into literature. Often, business and training books reveal untapped markets and offer fresh perspectives. For instance, books about hiring show that companies need to ‘sell’ themselves to potential employees.
  2. Gym Introspection (Intentional People Watching):
    Use your gym time productively. Observe people. Many have the disposable income for memberships, and you never know who might be a potential lead. The person beside you might just be the decision-maker in a company you’ve been targeting.
  3. Write About Your Offering:
    Even if you don’t publish, writing sharpens your understanding. Describing what you sell and its benefits can illuminate new sales avenues and tactics.
  4. Engage with a Sales Coach or Trainer:
    Surround yourself with experts. Their insights can open doors to prospects you never considered. An interactive session with a knowledgeable coach can drastically broaden your horizon.
  5. Seek Mentorship:
    Align with a mentor more successful than you. Their experiences, failures, and successes offer valuable lessons. The company you keep shapes your progress.

Bonus Tip – Avoid Naysayers:

Those who haven’t achieved success often project their insecurities onto others. They might mean well, but it’s essential to surround yourself with achievers. Learn from industry leaders, understand their journey, and let them guide you.

Prospect, But Also Innovate:

Yes, it’s crucial to tap into the traditional methods:

  • Your friends and family
  • Current and past customers
  • Referrals

But embracing the unconventional – such as insights from books, observant people-watching, and leveraging mentors – can elevate your sales game from basic to advanced.

Your potential customers are out there waiting to believe in what you offer. Use these strategies to connect, convince, and convert. Your expertise can make the difference.

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