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Why Improve YOU

I love reading books about the sales profession and topics that contribute to personal growth. Why I read personal growth books. If you are more aware of your personality and personal growth, you can know how to set expectations for yourself and modify your behavior...

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Greed Is Good?

Is greed in sales good? In the film "Wall Street," Gordon Gekko proclaims that "greed is good." Is it? Is answering that with a noncommittal answer of "kind-of" a copout? Let's explore that. Meriam Webster defines greed this way: A selfish and excessive desire for...

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Reactive Or Proactive

Is your sales team reactive or proactive?   A proactive salesperson constantly seeks new opportunities and attempts to create a desire before the customer realizes she wants it. A reactive salesperson waits for the prospect to raise their hand and ask to be sold to....

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Are you an Order Taker, Presenter, or Closer?

In sales, there are basically three types of salespeople.   The Order Taker The Presenter The Closer Each is important in its own way, and most organizations have all three working in different departments throughout the business.  While the definition of each may be...

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