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What Is Your After Plan?

Not having a backup plan is commonly considered the way to maintain laser focus. The prevailing wisdom is that you won't give it your all if you have a way out. "Having Laser-Focus Increases Your Odds Of Success" – Forbes Magazine, August 4, 2020 "Don't Make A Backup...

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3 Easy Steps To Be Better

 I spend much time developing strategies and training to improve your selling skills. From word tracks, modifications to your sales process, mental preparedness, attitude, body language education, and every aspect of the consumer's buying behavior as well as the...

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2 Myths That People Believe About Being In Sales

A myth is something that people believe, even if it's not true. The bigger the story, the less likely it is to be based on truth and the more likely it is to develop into a myth. The profession of sales is similar. In this article, I'll dispel the two top myths that...

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Suggested Reading For Sales & Management

 I have taken lessons from each of the following books to use as a Sales Manager. Some have given me a perspective on life that helps me see things differently from a personal point of view, while others contain sound business, sales, or management lessons that have...

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3 Things To Do When You’re In A Sales Slump

First, you need to know that everyone has been there. If a salesperson tells you that they've never been in a slump, they either have a poor memory or are outright lying. A sales slump is when you can't seem to make a sale, no matter how hard you try. Leads are down,...

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